Recognizing People who Make Significant Contributions
Toward Reducing the Incidence of Violent Behavior

The Violence Research Foundation is dedicated to improving lives by reducing the incidence of violent behavior in our society. The James Q. Wilson Exceptional Service Award was established in 2012 to recognize those outstanding people who contribute the most in a given year toward reaching this goal. Beginning in 2013, each year an individual, group or organization will be honored with the James Q. Wilson Exceptional Service Award.

Nominees will be evaluated based on the significance of the contributions they have made towards reducing the incidence of violence in society, through law enforcement, research, social work, public policy, social action or financial support. The award may be given for work done in a particular year or for a body of work completed over a lifetime. Previous winners of the James Q. Wilson Exceptional Service Award will be ineligible for nomination in subsequent years.

The winner of the James Q. Wilson Exceptional Service Award will be invited to be the honored guest at the Violence Research Foundation’s annual dinner meeting, which is usually held in Orange County, California in the month of March. The recipient will be presented with a plaque and invited to make a brief presentation about the work that instigated this award. News of the award will be announced to the media as well as featured on our website and social media sites.

To nominate an outstanding individual for this honor, please fill out and submit the nomination form by January 15th, 2017.

We invite you to browse the wealth of information available in the reports, studies, articles and PowerPoint presentations in our Library. Many of these were sponsored by VRF; others were prepared by close associates of VRF, while other

About James Q. Wilson, PhD
VRF Director 1985-2012


James Q. Wilson, PhD was one of America’s most respected political scientists, a revered academic, an authority on public administration, and an author who wrote extensively on human nature and ethics. Among other his honors, Dr. Wilson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Political Science Association. The Violence Research Foundation was pleased to have Dr. Wilson as one of its founding directors, and deeply appreciated his enthusiastic support of our effort to reduce violent behavior through dietary intervention. The James Q. Wilson Exceptional Service Award was established in his memory to highlight the standards of public service that he exemplified.

Books written by Dr. Wilson:

  • American Politics, Then and Now (2010)
  • American Government, 12th ed. (2010, with John J. DiIulio, Jr.)
  • Understanding America: The Anatomy of an Exceptional Nation (2008, ed. with Peter Schuck)
  • The Marriage Problem: How Our Culture Damages Families (2002)
  • Moral Judgment (1997)
  • The Moral Sense (1993)
  • On Character: Essays by James Q. Wilson (1991)
  • Bureaucracy (1989)
  • Crime and Human Nature (1985, with Richard Herrnstein)
  • Watching Fishes: Life and Behavior on Coral Reefs (1985, with Roberta Wilson)
  • The Politics of Regulation (1980)
  • The Investigators (1978)
  • Thinking About Crime (1975)
  • Political Organizations (1973)
  • Varieties of Police Behavior (1968)
  • The Amateur Democrat (1966)
  • City Politics (1963, with Edward C. Banfield)